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Weighted Storage Cube
Weighted Storage Cubea







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The Weighted Storage Cube is an entity in the shape of a cube. It is slightly smaller than one Minecraft block, and so it can fit easily into one-block-sized holes. It can be broken down into item form by repeatedly clicking it, unless cubeIsInvincible=1 in the properties file. Cubes can be configured in the properties file to be destroyed by either Material Emancipation Grids, Lava, or both.

Cubes can be lifted off the ground in entity form and carried in front of the player by pressing G (by default) when the crosshairs are pointed at them. The player will drop the cube if they press G again. Cubes can be grabbed with or without a Portal Gun equipped as of the 1.2.4v1 update, although the portal gun makes a sound effect if the player grabs or drops a cube when it is equipped. The cube-grabbing range of a player is about 4 blocks, i.e. the player can be up to 4 blocks away from a cube and still grab it. When a cube is being carried, it is held about 3 blocks in front of the player.

As a non-player entity, Weighted Cubes will only activate wooden pressure plates, not stone pressure plates.

Weighted Storage Cubes are used to craft Weighted Storage Cube Vents and can be turned into Weighted Companion Cubes. pk je etait ban et pk g plus access au compt pay pal car help probleme


Ingredients Input » Output

Iron Ingots +


Weighted Storage Cube

As a Crafting IngredientEdit

Ingredients Input » Output

Iron Ingots + Glass Panes +

Redstone Dust +

Weighted Storage Cube

Weighted Storage Cube Vent

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