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Oracle Turret
Sentry Turreta






Yes (64)

Default data value

13463 meta 1

Oracle Turrets are peaceful entities that have by default a 1/10 chance of spawning instead when a Sentry Turret is placed by the player. They never shoot and will always aim straight ahead. They say different things at different intervals.

If four Oracle Turrets are placed next to each other, they begin to play the mostly instrumental track "Valve - Turret Wife Serenade." However, they stop when another Oracle Turret is placed next to them or when one of them is moved more than one block away or killed.

Multiple separate groups of serenading oracle turrets can be made, as long as there is at least one generic block or three blocks of air between them. Oracle turrets stop playing the musical track 'Valve - Turret Wife Serenade" when a normal turret is placed near or adjacent to the four oracle turrets.

Making oneEdit

Oracle Turrets as an item can be obtained in Creative Mode. This item will always place an Oracle Turret, and is called "Oracle Turret."

The only legitimate way to get an oracle turret in survival mode is to place Sentry Turrets, since, by default, 1 in 11 of the turrets placed in this way will turn out to be Oracle Turrets. Whichcase can get decently expensive.

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