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Long Fall Boots
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Long Fall Boots are an armor item added by the Portal Gun mod. When worn, they negate all fall damage. They are based on the boots Chell wears in the game Portal 2. In previous versions of the mod, before the recode, this item was called Advanced Knee Replacements, which is the name for the slightly different footwear worn by Chell in the first Portal game.

Being composed of easy-to-find materials combined with the usefulness of this item make Long Fall Boots an essential part of this mod. They have infinite armor durability, meaning, unlike other armor, they will never wear out no matter how much damage the player takes while wearing them.

Long Fall Boot provide 1.5 defense points, which is the same as Diamond Boots.

The skin and sprites for the Long Fall Boots were contributed by Verticity, a friend of iChun's.


Long Fall Boots can be crafted from two Long Fall Boot items. The position of the two boots relative to each other on the crafting table is unimportant.

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Long Fall Boot

Long Fall Boots

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