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Default Portal Gun
Default Portal Guna







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The Default Portal Gun is the centerpiece of the mod, an item that allows the player to place blue and orange Portals. Left-clicking with it will fire a blue portal, and right clicking with it will fire an orange portal. When any Entity (including the player) "enters" one of the portals, they are immediately teleported to the other portal with approximately the same relative speed and direction with which they entered the first portal. This teleportation applies to items drops, experience orbs, minecarts, boats, Weighted Storage Cubes, and Weighted Companion Cubes, all mobs, and players. Portals can be erased by pressing R while equipping the Portal Gun of the designated portal(s).

Variations on the Portal Gun can also be crafted, such as the Atlas Portal Gun, the P-Body Portal Gun, the Single-Colored Portal Guns, the Potato Gun and the Bacon Portal Gun. Except as otherwise noted on their respective pages, all Portal Guns behave like the Default Portal Gun.

If the player shoots the moon while another portal is active, the portal on Earth will immediately show a static image of Earth with a view from outer space, play an animation with black smoke being sucked into it, and, simulating the ending of Portal 2, suck all nearby blocks, items, and mobs into it, never to be seen again. If the player is sucked in, they will be teleported directly above the portal at the maximum map height, looking at the moon zoomed in, immediately zoom out, and fall back down to the ground, making Long Fall Boots very useful. You can disable the ability for "Moon portals" to suck you in.

Default Fuctionality:

  • Left-Click - shoot blue portal
  • Right-Click - shoot orange portal
  • R - Reset/turn off portals (will only work if you have the portal gun that you made the portal with)
  • G - Grab/release a block or entity

Note: You can grab Weighted Storage Cubes and Weighted Companion Cubes also without a portal gun as of 1.2.4v1.


Ingredients Input » Output

Obsidian + Iron Ingots +

Diamond + Ender Pearl

Default Portal Gun
Ingredients Input » Output

Obsidian + Iron Ingots +

Diamond + Miniature Black Hole

Ingredients Input » Output

Single-Colored Portal Gun (blue) +
Single-Colored Portal Gun (orange)


As a Crafting Ingredient

Ingredients Input » Output

Default Portal Gun +
Light Blue Dye

Atlas Portal Gun

Ingredients Input » Output

Default Portal Gun +

Dandelion Yellow

P-Body Portal Gun
Ingredients Input » Output

Default Portal Gun +

Raw Porkchop

Bacon Portal Gun


The Default Portal Gun can be smelted. If it is blue when it is smelted, it becomes a blue Single-Colored Portal Gun. If it is orange, it turns into an orange Single-Colored Portal Gun. The Default Portal Gun is whatever color corresponds to the last portal that it shot.

Ingredients Input » Output

Default Portal Gun (blue)

Single Blue Portal Gun

Ingredients Input » Output

Default Portal Gun (orange)

Single Orange Portal Gun

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